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The Mandrake Official: “Nymph on the Rocks” via Lisa Lebofksy / Model

Las Cruces, New Mexico February 2022
The Blank Wall Gallery: Portraits via Steve Lease
Untitled / Model
Athens, Greece February 2022

Personality: Contemporary Portraiture via Steve Lease
“Laura Ingalls Wilder” / Model
Budapest, Hungary, March-April 2021

Rehoboth Art League: Biennial Exhibition via Brook Hedge
“The Touch” / Model
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware November 2020

Dacia Gallery: Icarus Deepwater and Ascending via Patricia Watwood / Model
New York, NY October 2020

The Undercurrents Project - “Us” curated by Savannah Spirit.
“Portrait of Kyotocat/ A Hot Summer in Berlin (2018)” &
“The Exaltation & Abidance of Mistress Vivian” / Photographer March-April 2020

Salmagundi Club: Figuratively Speaking via Patricia Watwood/Model
New York, NY March 2020

Clientele Art Gallery - Divine Feminine
“Portrait of Henry DuPouis”
“The Exaltation & Abidance of Mistress Vivian”
“When the snow falls I think of you”. / Photographer
Wheeling, WV February 2020

All Together Now (art showcase) via Randy Contello

Untitled / Model
Brooklyn, NY Aug 2018

Conception Global Art Collective in Tribeca via Randy Ryandi
“Fata Morgana” / Model
NYC, NY Aug 2018

Fruit: Block Fort Gallery via Kate Sweeney / Model

Columbus, OH May 2017

Body Narratives via Saul Sudin / Model
NYC, NY April 2017


Model Society magazine via Odinn Yngvason / Model
“To be seen as we are” / Feb 2022

B&W Republik Vol 1, Is. 26 via James Wigger / Model
“The Altar”; Wetplate / Dec. 2021

Substrate magazine via James Wigger/Model
Vol 1, Ed. 1 - 2 images; Wetplate & Polaroid / Nov. 2021

Model Society magazine via Steve Lease / Model
January 2021

Portfolio One by Mike Brown / Model
Wetplate book. Ireland / Sep. 2020

Vogue Italia / Photographer

“It takes strength to be gentle and kind” / Mar. 2020

Vogue Italia / Photographer
“Portrait of Roarie Yum” / Sep. 2019

Northcoast Journal / Photographer

Portrait of Mary Wander/ July 2019

NyghtVision Volume 9 #3 / Photographer
Images of Gazelle Powers/ July 2019

Dark Beauty Magazine via Olga Kuzmenko / Model
Portrait with Valentina L’Abbate/ Jan 2019

Temperance by Corwin Prescott / Model
Fine Art Boudoir; 3 images / Dec. 2018

Fuse Magazine via Kalson Wong / Model

Volume 52 / October 2018

Vogue Italia / Photographer
“Josephine Olivia Portrait” / June 2018

Dark Beauty Magazine via James Wigger / Model

Volume 61; May 2018

Come with Me by Marina Velasquez Suarez / Photographer
Author photo / May 2018

The Dubrovnik Times via Dario Bandur / Model

“Sunset above King’s Landing” Croatia / August 2018